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 1 March, additions and improved scans to:

Angola 45 John

Apple Publishing 45

Apple Publishing CD

Apple Publishing LP (E-L) + (Various)

Argentina CD Beatles

Apple Studios CD

Brazil CD Beatles

Canada 45 George

Canada 45 John

Colombia LP John

Denmark LP Beatles

EU CD Beatles

France 45 Others

Germany LP John

Germany LP Odeon Reissues

Guatemala 45 Beatles

Ireland 45 Beatles

Ireland 45 George

Ireland 45 Ringo

Ireland LP Beatles

Israel 45 Ringo

Israel LP Beatles

Japan 45 Beatles (Apple)

Japan CD Beatles (part 1 & 3)

Japan CD John

Japan CD Others

Japan LP Beatles

Japan LP John

Laserdisc Apple

Lebanon 45 John

Mexico 45 John

Mexico LP Beatles

Nicaragua 45 Beatles

Nicaragua 45 Others

Nicaragua 45 Paul

Odds & Ends 45 Beatles

Odds & Ends CD George

Odds & Ends CD John

Odds & Ends CD Others

Odds & Ends EP Magical Mystery Tour

Odds & Ends LP Beatles

Odds & Ends LP Others

Odds & Ends LP Ringo

Philippines 45 George

Philippines 45 John

Philippines 45 Others

Philippines 45 Ringo

NEW Portugal CD Beatles

RSA CD Beatles

Spain LP Beatles

Sweden LP Paul

Turkey 45 Beatles

Turkey 45 George

Turkey 45 Others

UK 45 Get Back

UK LP John

UK LP Paul

US 45 George

US LP Beatles (Capitol reissues)

US LP Others

US LP Ringo

Venezuela 45 Beatles

Venezuela 45 George

Venezuela 45 John

Venezuela 45 Others

Venezuela 45 Paul

Video Other Formats Apple


4 February, additions and improved scans to:

Apple Publishing 45s

Apple Publishing LPs

Apple Publishing LPs  Beatles and Solo

NEW Apple Studios CD

Apple Studio LPs

NEW BluRay EU Beatles

Bolivia LP Beatles

Ecuador 45 John


Finland 45 Paul

France 45 Others

Italy 45 John

NEW LaserDisc Apple

NEW LaserDisc Odds & Ends

Madagascar 45 George

Mexico 45 Beatles

Mexico LP Beatles

Odds & Ends LP Beatles

Odds & Ends LP John

Odds & Ends LP Ringo

Peru LP Beatles

US LP John

Venezuela LP John

Venezuela LP Others

NEW Video Other Formats Apple

NEW Video Other Formats Odds & Ends


13 January, additions and improved scans to:

Made a new Index, lots of improvements to the various folders, too many to mention!!!