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For this website we have used some info from the following books:

An Overview Of Australian Beatles Records (Jaesen Jones)

Applelog V (Jeffery Levy)

Beatles For Sale On Parlophone Records (Bruce Spizer/Frank Daniels)

Beatles I Norge (Hans Petter Nenseth)

Beatles In Belgium (Renaat Develtere)

Beatles Singles And Sleeves From Around The World (Azing/Samuel Coomans)

Beatles EPs And Sleeves From Around The World (Azing/Samuel Coomans)

Beatles Worldwide (Christoph Maus)

La Discographie Des Beatles De 1971 A Nos Jours Tome 1 + 2 (Hervé Boudailliez/Claude Defer)

Made In Holland (Ed Dieckmann)

Price Guide For The Beatles American Records (Perry Cox/Frank Daniels)

The Beatles On Apple Records (Bruce Spizer)

The Italian Sides Of The Beatles (Stefano Cipriani)














































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For this website we have used some info from the following websites:



Belgian Beatles Site


The Capitol 6000 Website



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