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"Why so many minor variations?"

We have endeavored to include every minute detail, simply because this is how we collect (and how we like it). Where multiple copies of a similar looking disc have been pictured, we have added a description of where to look for the variations. Some of which are indeed only very minor.


"What are the criteria for including a title?"

The disc should either have the Apple logo or the wording Apple printed on the label  (with the exception of Apple Publishing, for which there is a separate section), also if Apple is printed on the label of Various Artists sampler LPs.

Also, releases which have a specific custom label layout which was designed during the Apple years (e.g. McCartney's My Love or Hi Hi Hi) but which was reused later, even on non-Apple releases, have been included.

In addition to that, in the Odds & Ends section you will find Apple releases which were issued on non-Apple labels (e.g. the Australian World Records label) with a unique different cover design to the original Apple release, which have Apple printed on the cover, be it in the text or just the logo and/or using original Apple LP release numbers (Apcor/Sapcor) on the label.

In addition other non-Apple releases which have an Apple logo on the cover have only been included in the O&E section if there is no other official release on the Apple label known (e.g. the Japanese Rarities LP (US-Version), which  has an Apple logo on the obi, and was never issued on Apple anywhere in the world). 

And finally sampler LPs, which have Apple tracks on them and which have Apple mentioned or pictured on the cover only, are included in this section too.


"Why have the UK Export LPs not been included?"

Quite simple: there's no Apple on the cover or labels.


"Why have not all UK singles with large centers been included?"

Basically, all of the UK Apple singles which have large centers were 'dinked', which is manually removing the center of the disc with a cutting device. This was not done in the factory and therefore we do not view them as genuine variations.


"What are 'polo rings'?"

Polo rings are small circles which can be seen on the labels around the center hole of (mainly 1970s) UK Apple singles. These rings are either 15 mm. or 20 mm. in diameter and originate during the manufacturing of a disc. Usually, there's a 15 mm polo ring on one side and a 20 mm ring on the other.


"Hmm. But what, then, are 'pressing rings'??"

For want of a better term, we use 'pressing rings' to describe the rings which also originate during the manufacturing of a disc. These are circles (larger than 'polo rings') underneath the paper of the labels which are either impressed into the labels or embossed. There are obvious differences in some of these 'pressing rings' (e.g. McCartney's Hi Hi Hi from Australia), showing these are different pressings.


"Is this discography complete?"

No it is not. Of course 'new' titles are still being discovered. We are constantly working on updating this site and trying to improve on the scans. We have basically covered every country in the world that has issued Apple records in one form or another, but new finds are still being discovered.


"Who are you guys?"

We are 1 Dutchman and 1 German guy who have been collecting Apple records for years, and we simply wanted to share our knowledge. Hopefully your contributions will enrich our lives, too!.

And no, we do not work for Apple Records.


"How much money are you guys making out of this?"

Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Not a penny. In fact it is only costing us money and a lot of time. But we like it. If we didn't, we'd form another website and be managers.


"Jeez, the layout is ugly!"

We are also still trying to improve on the appearance of this website, but for now we wanted to get the info out. We'll work on the layout later....


"HEY! You've used my scans! (And you never thanked me for it!)"

Very possible. Obviously we don't own every Apple record issued worldwide, so for the ones we couldn't scan we've used images off the Internet & from various publications.

So thanks for letting us use them!


"HEY! I'm going to use your scans on other websites!"

Sure, go ahead. But please acknowledge the work we have put into this and at least name our website when you do. And please don't use all of our scans...... Thank you!


"I've got tons of Apple records I want to get rid of, where can I dump them?"

Get in touch with the webmaster!